Dr. 肯尼斯·Henwood撰写撰写的奖




水电 is a unique 和 essential energy resource. So too, are those who become involved in this great industry. Individuals who work for the hydropower industry spend their careers preserving 和 improving upon it. They are dedicated 和 caring individuals whose achievements make a difference for the industry as a whole. 他们提供了领导力、勇气和力量.

Dr. Kenneth Henwood撰写, a developer 和 lover of the hydro resource, possessed these attributes. It seems a fitting tribute that he became the namesake of hjc黄金城手机版’s most prestigious individual award to recognize life-time achievement grounded in a commitment 和 love for the resource with the courage of leadership 和 vision.

创建于1990年, 这个奖项表彰的是这个独一无二的人, 最重要的是, pays tribute to those dedicated 和 caring individuals who have given so much of themselves to hydropower 和 the hydropower industry. The award is industry’s highest honor 和 is presented to those who show great leadership 和 dedication to hydropower in the spirit of its namesake, Dr. Henwood撰写.


的博士. 肯尼斯·Henwood撰写撰写的奖 is presented to an individual within the hydro industry who exhibits:

  • 致力于将水电作为能源技术;
  • 在体制障碍面前坚持不懈;
  • Appreciation 和 underst和ing of the relationships among project engineering, 环境和经济;
  • A strong commitment for fair dealing 和 plain speaking; 和
  • Uncommon energy, enthusiasm, 和 excitement as a leading force in the industry.


The 国家水电协会 (hjc黄金城手机版) is pleased to announce Marc年代. Gerken、PE作为2020年博士学位的获得者. 肯尼斯·Henwood撰写撰写的奖 at 水力 Week in Washington. The Henwood撰写 Award is the hydropower industry’s highest honor 和 celebrates a lifetime of achievement to those who show great leadership. In recognition of his dedication to the industry, Gerken was selected by a committee of his peers.

2020 Henwood撰写撰写的收件人: Marc年代. Gerken、PE


琳达·丘奇·乔奇在2019年获得了博士学位. 肯尼斯·Henwood撰写撰写的奖 at 水力 Week in Washington. Ciocci was selected by a committee of her peers in recognition of herlife-long dedication to the hydropower industry.

“In many ways, Linda has been the compass for our industry. She has been at the forefront of every hydro policy discussion, regulatory proposal 和 legislative initiative for three decades. 她孜孜不倦地为推广水电而工作, 在它的所有形式, 作为领先的可再生能源,赫比·约翰逊说, 直接过去的总统, 国家水电协会.

除了作为总裁和首席执行官领导hjc黄金城手机版, she served as executive director of the 水电 Foundation; served on the Business Council for Sustainable Energy’s 董事会; as vice chair of the Energy 和 Environment Study Institute’s 董事会; 和 three terms on the U.S. Department of Commerce Federal Advisory Committee on Renewable Energy.

She was also a founding member of the American Council on Renewable Energy. In 2009, she was named one of the 60 most influential people in the industry by International Water Power & 大坝建设. And in 2014, she received the Women with Hydro Vision Award by HydroVision International.


迈克尔·墨菲在2018年获得了博士学位. 肯尼斯·Henwood撰写撰写的奖 at 水力 Week in Washington. Murphy was selected by a committee of his peers in recognition of his life-long dedication to the hydropower industry.

Murphy retired in January, ending a more than 30-year career in the hydropower industry. 在退休之前, Murphy was Vice-President 和 National Market Director for 水电 with TRC, 一个工程, environmental consulting 和 construction management firm with offices across the country.

Dr. 肯尼斯·亨伍德-传记

Kenneth Henwood撰写 was born in Kansas City, MO, 和 grew up in San Jose, CA. He received a bachelor’s 和 master’s degree in Civil Engineering 和 a doctorate in Environmental Science from the University of 加州ornia at Davis. 亨伍德成立了亨伍德能源服务公司, a consulting firm based in Sacramento that specializes in licensing 和 relicensing hydropower projects. 今天, 这家公司由他的兄弟领导, Mark, who has remained active in hydro licensing 和 development.

Ken was a strong believer in hydropower as an environmentally preferable energy source. 在45岁时, he died of injuries suffered from a fall while working on plans for a plant in the mountains near Georgetown, 加州. He is well remembered by those individuals who met 和 worked with him.

Henwood撰写 spent a great deal of time working with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. Ron 鞍形 was head of the hydropower licensing division at that time 和 describes Henwood撰写 as “very committed to hydro development” 和 as a person who “went about the business of developing hydro projects with an intensity, dedication 和 a passion for seeing his work become a reality.” Reflecting on the career of this dedicated lover of hydro, 鞍形 said,

“Henwood撰写 never wavered or let obstacles deter him from his passion; he became successful because he truly believed in what he was doing.”

Former hjc黄金城手机版 President Gail Greely once said Henwood撰写’s degrees in engineering 和 environmental science allowed him to both design projects 和 to intelligently supervise environmental study work. 她说,

“He could do it all; I have never known anybody like Ken before, 和 I never will again.”


2012收件人:E. 马克加纳

2009年获奖者:David J. Youlen
2007收件人:R. 迈克尔Akridge
2006年获奖者:罗纳德. 鞍形
2005年获奖者:Dan E. 贾维斯